IKEA Group wants to have a positive impact on people and the environment and has integrated sustainability into everyday operations as part of its People and Planet Positive strategy.


IKEA Group has committed to producing renewable energy equivalent to at least 70% of its consumption by 2015, and to producing as much renewable energy as it consumes by 2020. This includes the energy used by the company’s own manufacturing operations. IKEA is investing in renewable energy generation both on and off-site.

IKEA Group aims to become 20% more energy efficient in its own operations by the end of 2015 (compared to 2010) and by the end of 2017 to achieve a 20% improvement in supplier energy efficiency from 2012 levels.


For IKEA Group, sustainability is a driver for innovation and renewal, an opportunity to make its business better and meet the needs and expectations of its customers. That is why the company is going “all in” to transform its business, and to ensure that it is fit for the future and has a positive impact.

This includes matching 100% of its energy consumption with its own renewable energy generation and aiming for 100% of its cotton and wood to come from more sustainable sources.

The IKEA Group has currently committed to own and operate 279 wind turbines in nine countries and has installed over 700,000 solar panels on its buildings.

In 2014 IKEA produced 410 GWh of wind energy, 90 GWh of solar PV energy, and 1,310 GWh of biomass energy.


IKEA Group has allocated US$1.9 billion to invest in new renewable energy projects by the end of 2015.

Recent renewable energy investments include:

  • Purchase of 165 megawatt wind farm in Texas, US, scheduled to be running by late 2015.
  • 165,000 solar panels installed across 90% of IKEA buildings in the US.
  • Purchase of a four-turbine wind farm in Ireland and 20-turbine wind farm in Canada.
  • 98 megawatt wind farm purchase in Illinois, US.
  • Thin-film solar panels installed on five IKEA stores in China in 2013, providing 10-15% of the building energy requirements.
  • Biomass boiler installed at a wood board production site in Sweden.
  • New seven-turbine wind farm in Sweden in 2013, with capacity to generate 72 GWh.


  • Over 700,000 solar panels installed on IKEA buildings globally.
  • 500 GWh of electricity produced from its solar panels and wind turbines in 2013.
  • Saved EUR 66 million in IKEA stores and warehouses through energy efficiency measures.


  • IKEA Group is transforming business in a way that creates positive opportunities, fulfils customer needs, and decreases carbon emissions.
  • The company helps customers save money and energy through energy efficient product sales.
  • By becoming energy independent through its own renewable energy generation it will set an example to other brands and organizations, and increase its own financial and energy stability.