J Safra Sarasin

J. Safra Sarasin is committed to acting in a sustainable way in all areas of its business. This requires embedding sustainable thinking into the corporate culture. Increasing consumption of renewable energy is part of delivering its high level goals on the ground.


J. Safra Sarasin has set a goal to procure 100% renewable power for its offices.


The largest source of emissions from J. Safra Sarasin’s direct operations is electricity consumption accounting for 50% of its total emissions. The company purchases electricity awarded the ‘NatureMade’ label – demonstrating that electricity has been generated in an environmentally friendly way.

J. Safra Sarasin has also undertaken research on the importance of better electricity storage for increased renewable energy use, and its possibility as an investment to help increase awareness and find solutions to some of the challenges facing the scale-up of renewable energy.


In 1993 solar PV cells were installed to the roof of J. Safra Sarasin’s Basel head office, and in 2013 this facility produced 19,600 kWh of energy. The Basel office also uses district heating as a source of heat; this comes from a nearby waste incineration plant.


  • Globally, 71% of electricity came from renewable sources in 2013.
  • In Switzerland, 100% of its electricity is from renewable sources.


  •  Increased reputation through sustainability leadership.