La Poste

La Poste aims to use entirely renewable electricity in all of its operations by 2020. Here Christine Bargain, Director of CSR at La Poste Group, and Olivier Dressayre, Chief Strategy and Sustainable Development at Poste Immo, tell us why the French postal service is going 100%. 


What’s driving La Poste to become ‘100% renewable’?

Christine: For La Group La Poste responding to the challenges of tomorrow means thinking and acting differently today. We want to be an exemplary business, ahead of the market, and we want to actively drive sustainable economic development.

Olivier: As a subsidiary of La Poste, we are a big professional real estate player in France with more than 7 million square meters. It’s very important that we can give a clear market signal that we want to switch to green and clean energy. We strongly believe that going green gives us a competitive advantage – not only for postal operations and delivery, but also in real estate market.

Why do you think RE100 is a good initiative to join?

Christine: RE100 is a good initiative for companies. We are proud to be the first French group to join the RE100 initiative.  

Olivier: It is exciting for us to be part of a global strategy for renewable electricity. By joining RE100 La Poste is demonstrating climate leadership and we expect to see reputational benefits.

How did you decide on your 100% goal?

Olivier: We made a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2020 – compared to a 2013 baseline, so working towards 100% renewable electricity was a natural step in order to achieve this target. We now have a road map to help us be 100% powered by renewable electricity in 2020.

What are your achievements so far as you work towards 100%?

Olivier: We are already two thirds of the way to achieving our 100% RE100 goal.

Christine: Since 2012, we have installed over 45 solar power projects on our properties – 44,000 sq. meters. We also have the world’s biggest fleet of electric vehicles which has allowed us to increase our distribution points alongside reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What opportunities and challenges have you encountered while working to 100%?

Olivier: Making this public commitment to work towards being 100% powered by renewable electricity gives us the opportunity to demonstrate to other companies that going green gives a competitive advantage.

What plans do you have for switching renewable electricity?

Olivier: The first step is to purchase renewable electricity for all of our sites through a new supplier, and then we will explore options for on-site generation at the properties in our portfolio.

Christine: As well as moving towards renewable electricity we are taking measures to reduce our energy consumption as it’s a major expense for the business – so we will benefit from cost reductions.

How else are you helping to drive forward the transition to a low carbon economy?

Christine: La Poste has a target to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2020, compared to a 2013 baseline. We are now carbon neutral in all products and services across La Group La Poste thanks to offsetting projects including investment in renewable energy in India.

We have also been engaging with La Poste employees to ensure best practice in the business to reduce the company-wide impacts. More than 82,000 employees have undergone eco-driving training and there has been a strong emphasis on proper use of IT and communications systems as they emit a lot of CO2.

Last updated: January 2016