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  • IKEA Group announces new wind farm in Finland

    IKEA Group is funding the renewal and expansion of a wind farm in Kemi, Finland, with the intention to acquire the new wind farm when it is finalised at the end of 2017. Through the acquisition, IKEA Finland will produce more energy from renewable sources than it uses in all its stores and operations.

    “The wind farm in Finland brings us closer to our goal to produce as much energy from renewable sources as all of the energy we consume in our own operations globally by 2020. We do this because it is the right thing to do for people and the planet and for the future of our business.” says Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA Group.

    Once operational at the end of 2017 the wind farm in Finland will generate approximately 160 GWh wind power annually, which is equivalent to the annual electricity needs of approximately 32 000 homes. The renewal and expansion of the new wind farm in Kemi means it is estimated to produce more than twice as much energy each year compared to the existing wind farm.

    IKEA Group has invested EUR 1.5 billion into renewable energy since 2009, and recently announced an additional EUR 600 million for investment in wind and solar power generation.

    The company is on track to become energy independent, producing as much renewable energy as it consumes in its buildings. Including the new wind farm in Finland, IKEA Group has committed to own and operate 327 offsite wind turbines globally and has installed around 700,000 solar panels on its buildings.

    “We’ve made good progress in making our operations more sustainable, and some of our stores in Finland are the most energy efficient IKEA stores anywhere in the world. Owning our own wind power production is the next big step in our efforts to have a positive impact and to contribute to a solution to climate change.”, says Lars Midttun, IKEA Finland Country Manager.

    IKEA Group partner OX2 will now start the construction work at Ajos windfarm located 10 km from Kemi city center. There are currently 8 offshore turbines built upon artificial islands along the shoreline and 2 onshore turbines. All of these existing turbines will be dismantled and replaced with new, more modern and more efficient turbines. On top of that, the existing wind farm will be extended with three new onshore locations where new turbines will be built. When the construction work has been finished by the end of 2017, IKEA Finland is planning to acquire the wind farm from OX2.

    In an exclusive interview for Climate TV, Steve Howard outlines the company's wider renewable energy plans.