RELX Group

RELX Group has set a target of sourcing 50% renewable energy by 2015 and by 2020 to achieve 100% . The company wants to continue to produce information to aid positive impact on the environment whilst reducing consumption of natural resources including fossil fuels.


RELX Group (formerly Reed Elsevier) has a target of an 80% absolute reduction in CO2e emissions by 2050. As part of this RELX Group has set a target of sourcing 50% renewable energy by 2015 and, by 2020, to achieve 100% of electricity from renewable sources or by offsets.


Part of valuing nature’s resources at RELX Group has been steadily increasing renewable energy consumption in the company. At key locations in the UK, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands, the company purchases renewable electricity on green tariffs.

In the US RECs are purchased and retired, as on-site generation is limited at the predominantly leased locations.


RELX Group is part of a group of companies who published a report written by Utilyx, calling for standardized green energy labeling to keep consumers better informed about the carbon content of their energy.  

As an information service company, RELX Group sees part of its job to disseminate information about renewable energy, so hosted the World Future Energy Summit in 2013. The event featured more than 150 speakers and aimed to increase awareness and market opportunities for renewable energy.


  • In 2014, the company purchased 46% of their electricity from renewable energy and renewable energy certificates compared with 38% in 2013.


  • Increase the company profile as a leader on tackling climate change.
  • Support leadership of clients in the renewable energy area.