RE100 is engaging some of the biggest, most globally recognized US companies from a wide range of sectors on a journey to becoming 100% powered by renewable energy.

There are a number of other extremely effective programs in the US that are supporting the drive for increased corporate demand for renewable power.

The Buyers Principles frame the challenges and the needs of large renewable energy buyers. The principles are intended to overcome these challenges and to add the corporate buyer perspective to discussions underway across the country on the future of our energy and electricity system.

The Rocky Mountain Institute has set up the Business Center for Renewables that is providing practical support for companies wanting to source renewable power. It is a ‘collaborative platform aimed at accelerating corporate renewable energy procurement’.

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) has an initiative called Future of Internet Power that is focused on sourcing renewable power for data centers. They work with businesses in the sector to share learning and help drive best practice across the industry.

Most of these organisations are represented on the RE100 Technical Advisory Group and we are working closely with them on knowledge sharing webinars to help share best practice information with RE100 corporate partners.

For more information about RE100 in the US contact Kristin Hanczor, The Climate Group.