YOOX Group

YOOX Group is committed to reconciling business growth with measures aimed at ensuring energy savings and efficiency, and is committed to increasing the adoption of renewable energy sources.


 YOOX Group has set a goal to obtain 100% of its power from renewable sources by 2020.


YOOX Group’s commitment to the environment became concrete in 2009 with the launch of YOOXYGEN, an eco-friendly program aimed at promoting environmental awareness among its users, working closely with leading international institutions, designers and creative professionals.

Another tool is the “ecobox”, which is the company’s packaging system that is RESY, FSC, PEFC and SFI certified internationally.

Internal initiatives include the “YOOXYGEN eco-sustainable guidelines” handbook, distributed throughout the company to educate employees on sustainable behavior and resource use. 


YOOX Group has selected and activated green energy suppliers covered by GO – certificates. 

Since 2013 YOOX Group adopted solar photovoltaic energy by installing a first PV plant in its headquarters in Bologna. In 2014, PV panels for a total capacity of 66 kW have been added on YOOX Group’s roof (out of a total power allowance of 200 kW).

In terms of energy consumption, YOOX Group adopts environmental information technology solutions. With regard to procurement policy, for example, low energy consumption is a major criterion for purchases of hardware and software, which would reduce the energy needed to cool its machines, optimize space and result in better overall performance from the server rooms.

YOOX Group also optimizes its energy resources by virtualizing servers and workstations. Virtualization improves hardware capacity usage by consolidating underused servers, reducing cooling requirements and supply kWh, and considerably reducing CO2 emissions. Around 80% of the servers at the Italian headquarters are already virtual. The aim is to achieve 95% virtualization by the end of 2015.


2014/2015 investment for server virtualization and IT infrastructures (blade systems - i.e. self-contained servers designed to use as little space as possible).


  • The consumption of energy from renewable sources rose from 20% in 2012 to 49% in 2013. In 2013, such supply has allowed YOOX Group to save around 878 tons of CO2.


  • Groundbreaking in promoting sustainability as a business priority in the fashion and luxury industry.
  • Raise awareness about sustainable fashion among customers and players in the sector.
  • Business growth by minimizing the direct and indirect impacts of its activities, with a view to preserving the environment for the benefit of future generations.